Monday, 6 October 2008

Why is Recycling Important?

One thing that every mankind should do is to help the world heal in just a simple way. But this simple way can be a big help if we are united enough. One example is recycling. Many will think that this is an out of date method that no matter what we do, man-made wastes will never disappear. But still, we are all responsible in what the world looks like today and it is our responsibility to take care of it.

Now, why is recycling important? First and foremost, the world’s natural resources are now being consumed and dreaded that it will disappear if we don’t use it wisely. Recycling is the least that humans can do to replace the damages we had done for over centuries. Imagine how many plastic and paper factories are there worldwide that produce millions of outputs that we always use every single day. Everyone can make so many things out of these materials that can be a source of your income, or become a new object that can be use again.

We also should be recycling things because our landfills become taller everyday, we should not wait for the time that there are no space for any landfills anymore.

Reusing of objects also helps in conserving materials so that the next generation will still make use of it. In this case, our environment is being saved from more pollution on water, air, and land.

Recycling teaches mankind how to be responsible and disciplined. It tells us that everything should start within ourselves to save our only home – the Earth.